Randazzo's Pasta Sauce

logo1-300w-1-300x151Truly fresh pasta sauce does not sit in a pantry…

Randazzo’s is a revolution in store bought pasta sauce. 
Our fresh prepared sauces are enhanced with the highest quality, real food ingredients, not added sugar or powdered spices. Made with all-natural, mostly locally sourced ingredients, Randazzo’s sauces are sold in BPA-free containers in the refrigerated section of supermarkets. They are slowly simmered in small batches to preserve the integrity of the original recipes. Just heat the sauces while your pasta is boiling and you will have a delicious, authentic Italian dinner in 15 minutes.

It’s hard to pick one favorite out of the eight delicious sauces – Vodka, Plum Tomato Basil, Puttanesca, Alfredo, Marinara, Fra Diavolo, Tomato Cream Sauce with Chicken SausageBolognese

And don’t forget about our fantastic Pesto sauces! Basil, Spinach, Kale & Five Herb!

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